Hello and welcome! I am a writer, journalist, content marketing professional, and elearning specialist (you can also call me an instructional designer).

I am an intent listener and a passionate storyteller.

As a seasoned writer and journalist, I look around my space and see things through varied lenses; I pick up interesting nuggets from people’s lives and the community’s pulse, and convert them into non-fiction and narratives.

I try looking for positive stories and I write about inspiring people, marvelous events, life changing incidents, and motivational tales.

I love to write about women and children, about businesses and industries, about food and everything around it, about our planet – as a concerned resident as well as a wanderer, and why people behave the way they do, mostly.

As a skilled content marketing professional, I write pieces that introduce companies and brands in a particular light to their readers. I write informative articles that help businesses gain clients, win customers, and retain lifelong patrons. I indulge into a little search engine optimization (SEO) to add that extra zing to the return on investment parameter.

As a writer and instructional designer, or content provider in the elearning space, I develop curriculums and training materials for children, adults, students, and corporate organizations, as well as hobbyists. I study groups of potential learners and the matter to be taught, and then play around with a little BLOOM taxonomy here and an ADDIE model there, to come up with relevant and effective instructional materials that help learners learn fast and for long.

About Swati

Swati Sanyal Tarafdar is an Indian freelance writer, journalist, elearning content provider, and content marketing professional with an experience in the industry for over 14 years.

As a writer and journalist, she has worked with The Statesman, Zee News, The Pioneer, The Hindu, The Caravan, among others.

As an elearning professional she has worked with GE Content Solutions (Genpact), InfoPro Corporations, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc, among others.

As an SEO specialist and content marketing professional she has worked with numerous international names, including Norwegian University of Science and Technology, MetLife Foundation, Facebook, and so on.