Since 2000, I have divided my time between

  • Campus journalism for the print
  • Hard core political, social, and cultural journalism for the Indian television
  • Positive and responsible social, cultural, and environmental journalism for the international media
  • Science and health writing for small and regional publications, corporate organizations
  • Writing on learning and teaching, and on education for various corporate organizations and in house publications

I am an intent listener, passionate storyteller, a grammar freak, and a proponent of balanced journalism. I am sensitive about the UK and US usage of English, proud of my long form clips and non-fiction narratives, and deliberately choose to highlight constructive, solution oriented stories from my community.

I write about inspiring people, marvelous events, life changing incidents, and motivational tales. I write about health, lifestyle, and wellness, about women and children, about businesses and industries, about food and everything around it. I also write about our planet – as a concerned resident as well as a wanderer, and why people behave the way they do, mostly.

In short, I like to dabble a little in everything that comes in the way..

Check out selections from my portfolio.